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Help for the Hard of Hearing

This web page will be going away soon.

Hard of Hearing Advocates was founded in 1986 by Warren Hanna, who was hard of hearing himself for over 60 years.  Sadly, Warren passed away in 2007 at the age of 87.  Right up until the end, he never stopped seeking ways to improve life for hard of hearing people.  Janet Keeler who worked with Warren for 16 years has stepped up as Director.

The goal of Hard of Hearing Advocates (HOHA) is to help hard of hearing (HOH) people by creating and implementing programs and solutions where HOH people have undue problems. We seek the advice of industry and others, but to avoid concerns of bias, our functional body is HOH people.

Good hearing permits good communication -- working, better income, fellowship, sharing, joking, being able to easily explain issues or negotiate problems -- to participate.  Poor hearing denies people this quality of life. Better hearing would allow them easier communication to be more functional and productive, resulting in a benefit not only to them but to society as well.

Senior Citizens, whose numbers are increasing dramatically each year, represent the majority of the hard of hearing population. As seniors age, their hearing loss worsens. In their ongoing and increasing needs for hospitalization and nursing home care, the communication limitations forced upon elderly people adds difficulty in their obtaining appropriate care.

An active HOH consumer community is sorely needed. Please, share with us and become an active part of that community. We welcome your views and questions. Please visit our Message Board, and feel free to e-mail us anytime.

Hearing Loss Statistics
About one-third of the 34 million elderly people in the USA are hard of hearing. About 10% of the population has a hearing loss of some degree. The US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division has released Version 2.0 of their ADA Technical Assistance CD ROM containing ADA Regulations, Technical Assistance Documents and ADA Status Reports. Only 20% of those people who need a hearing aid have one. Empirical data indicates that nearly 20% of workable hearing aids lie in bureau drawers, factoring to 100,000's of unused aids.


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