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Subject :  Starkey Destiny 1200 Self Programming
posted by garydhooper on Thu Feb 1, 2007 6:11 am
I have a pair of Oticon Syncro II ITE aids which I am starting to struggle with. Basically my hearing has deteriorated in the past 12 months and the current aids are at about their maximum gain without feedback becoming an issue.

I have spoken to my audiologist about new aids. I asked about the new Savia Art with the new in-situ testing. He suggested that with my conductive hearing loss that this new testing isn't as helpfull as it is with a sensaurial hearing loss.

As my main problem will be feedback from a higher gain my audiologist suggested that my best option may be the Starkey Destiny 1200 as it's feedback suppression is so good.

One major advantage of these aids for me is that you can buy a self programming card and leads for about 200 (approx $400 USD) I cannot find anything about this on Starkeys web site.

So I have two questions:
(1) Is the feedback suppression on these aids really that much better than other aids?
(2) Does anyone have any experience of self programming with these aids?


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