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Subject :  New microSavia Art 100 dSZ
posted by hackdroot on Sat Sep 15, 2007 12:24 pm
Hey all.

Well yesterday I became the proud owner of my first set of HA's, the microSavia 100 dSZ.(OF)

I'm a 34 y/o male with mild/moderate hearing loss. Although I have no basis for comparison, I thought I'd share my impressions:

The size is very discreet. I'm a pretty tall guy and none of my family members had any idea I was wearing them until told so.

Although I was definitely aware I had them on, they were very comfortable and I had no problem getting the hang of seating them myself unasssisted. Although initially I am able to seat them pretty comfortable, so the tube rests firmly against the coutours of my ear, they seem to unseat themselves slightly within minutes, to a more relaxed position I assume, where the tube isn't as flush with the ear. I'll have to check with the audi next time to see if they're seating properly.

After 24 hours, some things are apparent. They are certainly working. The sounds are coming from everywhere now and are a bit overwhelming at times. I had a very busy day ahead of me, so I had the ability to try them out in several situations.

First, I had shopping to do w/ my wife and daughter. I must say, that although the sounds that I couldn't hear before were definitely audible now, it almost seemed they were drowning out the speech I was hoping to better comprehend. I'm aware that my brain has to get used to certain sounds, so I'm not writing this off yet, but am taking good notes for the audi next time.

Second, we had a HS football game to go to which gave me a chance to try them in an outdoor windy situation. The wind noise reduction works very well. although it took a second or so to kick in, it definitely did it's job. Once again, I was not impressed or even obviously aware that they were amplifying my wifes voice enough for me.

Lastly, we went to a restaurant to eat (Chili's). We were seated fairly close to the kitchen entrance and boy did I know it. the sounds from there were very comprehendable. The waitress approached and started her salutation/order routine and I'm am almost positive I would have probably had a better time hearing her if the background noise from the environment and kitchen were not amplified in my ear.

Now I did use the remotes' functionality to increase/decrease the volume to assist me in evaluation, but once again, it did not improve the clarity of what I was trying to hear. It simply amplified the background noise as well. Also, it seems like a lot of the background noise is louder at times in my left ear than my right. I don't have my audiogram to compare the discrepancy, but once again noted it for the audi visit in 2 weeks.

It's also apparent that some serious tweaking is needed since as I sit here and type this, the radio is playing in the other room and certain HF tones stand out significantly.

All in all, the true test will come this week at work. It's the quiet situations in the office where I was having the most trouble, so I am really hoping for some improvement there.

I just hope I can convey my experiences to the audi so she can interpret the proper adjustments. For the cost of these models, I am hoping for some better results in the future.



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