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Subject :  'Tinny' hearing aid sound
posted by mokes on Sat Jan 17, 2009 4:02 am
Following a severe viral illness a year ago in my one 'good' ear (the other is 'dead'), I am left with a 55-35-20-30-50-60
audiogram. Despite valiant attempts by my patient audiologist to fit, and adjust, his recommended RITE aids over the last
months (Passion 115 and Dot 20), I continue to experience 'tinny, coarse' speech in 'one to one' and 'one to many'
situations, and also when listening to our new Panasonic TV (specifically purchased because of its high quality sound
system, which my wife says is wonderful).
Yet, when I listen to the TV WITHOUT the aid in, but with a Sony headphone plugged into the TV jack, the sound is much
more natural and comfortable, and far less 'tinny', than using the aids. The same effect can be obtained by cupping my
ear and sitting closer to the TV set at a volume so as not to ruin it for my wife!
ENT consultants and my audiologist indicate possible cochlea damage as the cause of the difficulty in fitting the aid (a
TEN(HL) test shows no dead zones).
But what puzzles me is why sound should be readily understandable and comfortable (if a little muted) when listening with
an earphone to the TV, yet 'thin, tinny and tiring ' when wearing the aid? If there is cochlea damage, surely I should notice
it when using the earphone. Could it be yet more adjustments are needed of the aid I am currently testing (the Passion
115)? Or could it be RITE is the wrong technology for my condition (because the tiny loudspeaker is so near to the ear
Having only one ear is bad enough but the protracted problems with my 'one good' ear are beginning to get me down. By
the way I'm 'three score and ten' and a pretty fit bloke!
Any advice, opinions or comments you may have would be very much welcomed.
With many thanks.


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